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English cream

Pasta and chickpeas


Risotto with tomato sauce and tuna

Pancake 2.0
Cream of cheese and tuna
Sauce with zucchini
Meatballs with chicken and ricotta
Braid filled
Mozzarella ham and mushrooms pie
Mortadella and potato pie
Zucchini pie
Asparagus pie
Chard pie
Quiche Lorraine
Salty cake
Plumcake puff pastry pizza
Plumcake with cherry tomato
Small pizzas
Rustic pizza with cheese
Easter Pizza
Panzerotto 2
Sandwiches with olives
Pumpkin rolls
Sandwiches with ricotta
Sandwiches with Sesame or poppy seeds
Butter sandwiches
Sandwiches type buns Mulino Bianco
Pear and walnut bread

Bread for sandwiches
Bread for coeliacs
Wholemeal bread
Pumpkin Bread
Rye bread
bread whit olives
Bread yogurt
Olive bread
Bread with hazelnuts
Bread with pumpkin and chocolate
All oil bread
Bread with sesame seeds
Milk bread
Seven grain bread
Sliced bread
Pan Brioche
Breadsticks with olives
Breadsticks with sesame seeds
Spaghetti with clams
Spaghetti with mussels
Rice soup
Potato soup and zucchini
Potato soup and tuna
Lentil soup and millet
Farro soup
Anchovy soup
Soup with leeks
Cream of zucchini and shrimp
Cream of pumpkin
Cream of pumpkin and radicchio
Potato soup
Cream of eggplant
Cream of chickpeas and farro
Creamy carrot soup
Velvety Asparagus
Timbale of noodles
Tagliolini with cuttlefish ink
Tagliatelle with mushrooms
Spaghetti in cambusa
Zucchini stuffed with vegetables
Zucchini with olives and basil cream
Turkey with citrus juice
Turkey Spinacine
Chicken stew
Beef stew with balsamic vinegar
Stew with peas
Stew with potatoes
Sole with cream of broccoli
Sausage with tomato
Sausage with tomato sauce
Citrus salmon
Turkey roll
Meatloaf stuffed 2
Meatloaf stuffed 1
Meatloaf with potatoes and zucchini
Meatloaf with vegetables
Spicy meatballs
Meatballs with vegetables
Turkey Meatballs
Fish balls 1
Meatballs with potatoes and spinach
Eggplant meatballs
Meatballs with artichokes
Meatballs with almonds
Meatballs in wine steam
Meatballs with baked ricotta and ground
Chicken with almonds
Chicken with tomato sauce
Fried mozzarella
Lonza to Sage
Turkey rolls
Turkey rolls with orange
Ham rolls with pepper sauce
Light Eggplant rolls
Wholemeal muffins
Rustic focaccia
Focaccia stuffed
Focaccia stuffed tomato baked and mozzarella
Focaccia tomatoes and courgettes
Focaccia of Genova
Focaccia with potatoes
Focaccia with cheese sauce
Onion Focaccia
Buns with cracklings
Finger rolls of spelled

Mushroom Tart
Asparagus Tart
Crescenta stuffed
Classical crescenta
Crackers with tomato
Casatiello Naples
Fried calzone
Baked spaghetti
Spaghetti with mushrooms bacon and chilli
Spaghetti with asparagus
Tomato and basil risotto
Risotto blank
Risotto with gorgonzola pears and walnuts
Risotto with prawns and zucchini
Risotto of peasant
Risotto with sausage
Risotto with peas
Chicken Sesame salad
Risotto with champagne
Veggie burgers
Vegetarian Goulash
Vegetarian pancakes
Risotto with strawberries
Leek Omelette
Potato omelette
Artichoke Frittata
Cheese first salt
Mackerel fillet with sauce with vegetables
Crepes stuffed with spinach frittata
Sparkling pumpkin risotto and bacon
Vegetable Cutlet
Risotto with smoked cheese
Chicken thighs
Rabbit light
Pork loin stuffed
Risotto village
Stuffed squid
Braised beef with potatoes
Risotto milanese
Chunks of turkey
Diced chicken with capers
Chunks of pork in milk
Steak with cheese and ham
Codfish In Wet
Fried Baccalà
Lamb with cheese and eggs
Salmon risotto
Risotto with rosemary
Risotto with melon
Lemon risotto
Risotto with gorgonzola
Risotto with leeks
Risotto with peppers
Mushroom risotto
Risotto with seafood
Risotto with zucchini flowers

Risotto with artichokes
Risotto with asparagus
Red thai curry rice
Rigatoni with vegetables
Bacon and Zucchini sticks
Penne pasta bacon and zucchini
Pasta mascarpone and speck
Penne pasta with cheese
Pasta and beans
Pasta with anchovies olives and mozzarella
Salmon Pasta
Pasta with radicchio and speck
Past zucchini
Orecchiette with turnip top
Orecchiette with artichokes
Vegetable soup and chicken
Zucchini soup
Soup Ham
Macaroni with cabbage and sausage
Rice salad
Spicy rice salad
Spinach gnocchi
Potato gnocchi
Potato gnocchi with tomato sauce
Roman gnocchi

Fusilli with shrimp and peas
Fusilli with artichoke cream
Pumpkin soup
Fennel cream with soy milk
Cream of fava beans

Carrots cream
Cream of asparagus
Cream of fennel
Shells with spinach and pine nuts
Stuffed zucchini
Stuffed zucchini with rice
Spinach and mascarpone tart
Scalloped potatoes
Scalloped potatoes and green beans
Ricotta cheese and spinach
Potato cakes with ham and cheese
Cake with mascarpone and vegetables
Tuna and peas
Timbale with sausage and vegetables
Savory strudel
Chicken stew with peppers
Cheese soufflè
Zucchini flan
Pumpkin flan
Cabbage and potato pie
Timbale of salmon
Soufflé potatoes and asparagus
Parmiggiano flan
Onions steamed pudding
Cuttlefish and peas
Sausage potatoes and mushrooms
Vegetable quiche and cheese
Quiche with ricotta and salmon
Quiche with onions
Octopus and potatoes
Meatballs and spinach with pumpkin sauce
Plumcake of bacon and arugula
Potato pizza