Androkkid is a new Windows Mobile interface, with a lots of customization and a fully graphical design and animations for Windows Mobile 5/6 completely writed in .NET.

The project is in development and it work for all resolutions only in portrait mode (for now).

Read more info in Readme.txt file in the installation folder on your mobile or on XDA Forum at the latest thread about Androkkid.
For any support go to XDA Forum.

Install / Uninstall

To Install Androkkid only extract the folder in zip file in any directory and start Androkkid.exe .
To Uninstall Androkkid delete the folder of program where you have extracted.

To Install click on cab file and start Androkkid.exe .
To Uninstall go to Windows Mobile Settings and Remove programs.

Last update

Version 1.2.1 - 10/12/2009

  • Resolved some bugs


Version 1.2.0 - 08/12/2009

  • Correct problems with Contacts numbers and symbols in number to call
  • Changed in Battery Widget "In charging" with "Charging" and update the velocity of Charging
  • Saved the last directory used for links, icons etc... and use it when click buttons to choose a file
  • Added new Type buttons: Minimize, Go To Home, Go to Next page, Go to Prev Page, Settings, Lock/Unlock pages and Close Androkkid
  • Added 2 new widget without the text (Battey and Line operator)
  • Added a main menu item to lock/unlock edit for all pages to prevent no needed move of icons/widgets
  • Added option to show Androkkid Top Bar with all info about device state
  • Added Top bar to show notification and device state (I hope all infos work, now i dont have a device to debug Androkkid and only use Emulator)
  • Now you can create your theme with your icons for top bar (TopBarIcons.png)

Version 1.0.0 - 30/10/2009

  • Correct some bugs
  • Removed Menu for contacts
  • Added in "+" menu "New icon"
  • Added Folders
  • Correct problem with dll of widgets, now the add widget get the name of folder and no more the name of dll
  • Added open animation programs
  • Added in Widgets Source Code new method called "ScrollWidget" to scroll up and down when you are on widget

Version 0.8.0 - 09/10/2009

  • Created Battery and Signal Widgets
  • Created Photo Frame Widget
  • Added Hero Theme
  • Correct problems with wallpaper slide
  • Correct bugs with QVGA resolution and notification icon
  • Correct bug when click on icons more sensitive now
  • Added option to show balls page in Settings
  • When press center button in D-PAD now you go to start page selected
  • Redesign the bottom bar like Sense UI of HTC Hero with 2 new buttons, 1 to open menu and 1 to add icon or other objects
  • Added Show menu for contact when click on a contact in settings

Version 0.6.0 - 29/09/2009

  • Added Widgets dialog
  • Added some widgets (Hero clock, Analog Clock, Digital Clock and Next Appointment)
  • Added AndrokkidSettings.exe to program directory to chenge settings
  • Added Settings in program menu
  • Added Pages ballon only when touch screen to show where you are
  • Taskbar now disappear if you modify Settings
  • Correct bug with missed calls log opening
  • Added slide gesture from first page to last page and viceversa
  • Added keypad movements to slide pages, open programs list
  • Added another method to load icons (old method used in iFonz), change option in Settings
  • Added StartPage option to set which page you want load at start
  • Bug fixed
  • Released the source code of my widgets

Version 0.4.0 - 09/09/2009

  • Add icons to desktop from list by tap on icon and release on desktop
  • If you tap icon you can move it were you want
  • If you move icon on X or on pen you can delete and edit it
  • Tapping on background open a default menu with a lot of actions on program
  • You can add contact from your contacts list
  • You can add url by typing it on program
  • You can minimize program by tapping on background and choose Minimize
  • There are a lot of settings in file Settings.ini in the application folder, you can modify but first make a backup

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Androkkid 1.0.0

Androkkid 0.4.0


Last Version

Androkkid v.1.2.1 ZIP Version (1.45 Mb) - DOWNLOAD (27433 times)
Androkkid v.1.2.1 CAB Version (1,42 Mb) - DOWNLOAD (7710 times)

Old Versions

Androkkid v.1.2.0 ZIP Version (1.45 Mb) - DOWNLOAD (5098 times)
Androkkid v.1.2.0 CAB Version (1,42 Mb) - DOWNLOAD (3880 times)

Androkkid v.1.0.0 ZIP Version (1.42 Mb) - DOWNLOAD (6817 times)
Androkkid v.1.0.0 CAB Version (1,36 Mb) - DOWNLOAD (2981 times)

Androkkid v.0.8.0 ZIP Version (1,27 Mb) - DOWNLOAD (5327 times)
Androkkid v.0.8.0 CAB Version (1,29 Mb) - DOWNLOAD (20189 times)

Androkkid v.0.6.0 ZIP Version (868 Kb) - DOWNLOAD (5890 times)
Androkkid v.0.6.0 CAB Version (858 Kb) - DOWNLOAD (9429 times)

Androkkid v.0.4.0 ZIP Version (668 Kb) - DOWNLOAD (9041 times)
Androkkid v.0.4.0 CAB Version (659 Kb) - DOWNLOAD (102 times)


XDA Themes for Androkkid


XDA Widgets for Androkkid
Widgets from WMDSoft (XDA user)
Widgets from Ajige site (XDA user)
My Widgets Source Code(VB.NET 2008) (616 Kb) - DOWNLOAD (2118 times)


Wallpapers Wide (5,79 Mb) - DOWNLOAD (719 times)
iReflect re-edited Icons (2,90 Mb) - DOWNLOAD (807 times)
Icons and wallapapers for QVGA (2,97 Mb) - DOWNLOAD (45921 times)
Icons and wallapapers for VGA (4,57 Mb) - DOWNLOAD (31775 times)

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