iFonz is a clone of iPhone interface, with a lots of customization and a fully graphical design and animations for Windows Mobile 5/6 completely writed in .NET.

Read more info in Readme.txt file in the installation folder on your mobile or on XDA Forum at the latest thread about iFonz.
For any support go to XDA Forum.

Last update

Version 1.1.2 - 15/10/08
  • Now when pass from last page to first page don't scroll all pages but go first directly, same thing when click the D-Pad button
  • If you don't use wallpaper iFonz scroll very quickly and the ClearType Windows setting problem is resolved
  • Deleted Arial fonts, now use Tahoma (Windows Mobile system font)
  • Reduced the size of Operator name font
  • Resized correctly all labels and text
  • Now work with VGA correctly and with HTC Diamond
  • Created 2 set of gfx folder 1 for QVGA and 1 for VGA devices
  • Scroll speed improvements when slide pages
  • Changed the Left/Right buttons to change page
  • New navigation system in Open/Save/Search files with a DropDownList
  • Correct a lot of bugs and Out of Memory Exceptions
For more history version info read Readme.txt file in installation directory on your mobile.



Last Version

iFonz v.1.1.2 QVGA (790 Kb) - DOWNLOAD (570 times)
iFonz v.1.1.2 VGA (889 Kb) - DOWNLOAD (460 times)


Icons and wallapapers for QVGA (2,97 Mb) - DOWNLOAD (45921 times)
Icons and wallapapers for VGA (4,57 Mb) - DOWNLOAD (31775 times)
Italian language (2,17 Kb) - DOWNLOAD (4013 times)

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