Music Player for Pad/Phone

New music player also suitable for tablet with Android Honeycomb 3.0 or higher.

With this player you can create playlists and organize your folders by simply taking your tablet without using the annoying system scan. You choose what to listen to without getting lost in the extensive research of your songs.

The features are numerous, including:
  • Formats supported: MP3, WAV, OGG, MID, MP4, M4A, 3GP, FLAC, AAC and some WMA files depends on the compression. (FLAC , AAC and WMA only for Android 3.1 or higher)
  • Clearly hear the music, even off-screen
  • Use of gestures with your finger to change songs (right and left), pause (double tap), start a song (double tap) and vary the volume (up and down)
  • Hide playlist Side
  • Add files, folders (including subfolders choice) and playlist to current playlist
  • Remove the selected song, all songs or just the missing physical disk
  • Load and save playlist
  • Sort the playlist in different ways
  • Quickly search for a song from the playlist
  • Display the time remaining or time elapsed for a song by tapping on it - Loading all the ID3 information from MP3 files
  • Display of the cover while listening the song
  • Widgets of various sizes
  • Oscilloscope (Android 2.3 or higher)
  • Search covers online
  • Equalizer (Android 2.3 or higher)
  • Queue of songs you like
  • Long menus by tapping on a song
  • Command/Send Track information to Bluetooth devices like car stereo or headsets
  • A lot of other options...

Explanation of Permissions
All permits are used to the normal operation of the program without any complete collection of user information, in details:
  • INTERNET to connect to the network for AdMob advertising and to unlock the PRO version
  • ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE for AdMob advertising
  • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to save the cache and the playlist, and more on the SD
  • WAKE_LOCK to keep active the player during screen off when playback
  • RECORD_AUDIO to draw the oscilloscope
  • READ_PHONE_STATE and GET_ACCOUNTS to use donations
  • BOOT_COMPLETED to play music when device start

Have fun!

All news will be displayed at the opening of the new version of the program once installed.



Version 1.6 - 07/08/14
  • Added option to autostart music at device boot completed
  • Added the playback controls on the lock screen device for Android 4.0 or higher by the option to send data to Bluetooth devices
  • Added the ability to restore the cover from the song MP3 Tags
  • Fixed some bugs

Version - 20/02/14
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 1.5.6 - 21/01/14
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 1.5.5 - 15/01/14
  • Updated to the new Android Framework
  • Correct some Bluetooth remote control problems from Android 4.3 version
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 1.5.4 - 30/11/13
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 1.5.3 - 22/10/13
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 1.5.2 - 16/10/13
  • Added an option to choose what player to make when you press the menu button
  • Improved service management to free up more memory in the system
  • Now the player remembers the list of songs already heard even after rebooting the device
  • Now you can share the song title that you listening with your friends by the song context menu
  • Now when you open the notifications bar during playback you can see the cover of the song
  • Added close button to the notifications bar, the song wil go in pause and close player
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 1.5.1 - 08/10/13
  • Now you can open the context menu of song from all player by long tap the screen
  • Correct the functionality to send MP3 tags over Bluetooth devices
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 1.5.0 - 05/10/13
  • Added options to show/hide song title or artist in the player, not in widgets
  • Now my player send MP3 Tags to Bluetooth device connected, like car stereos or headsets, if you select it in options (BETA)
  • Now player restart playing song when you hang up a call if you set option to pause in calling
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 1.4.4 - 28/04/13
  • Correct the widgets dimension
  • Added option to manage as a single button remote control headphones in case it is misinterpreted by the Android system
  • Added splash screen at startup, you can bypass by click on the screen when appears
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 1.4.3 - 18/12/12
  • Added more commands to the headset with a button: 1 click Play/Pause/Answer/Drop call, two or more click moves to the songs later (within 1 second of each other)
  • Fixed a malfunction of the volume button
  • Added Russian language thanks to .nuke
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 1.4.2 - 26/11/12
  • Added the button to hide the title bar
  • Grow the buttons below the playlist according to the zoom controls
  • Correct operation of the previous action
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 1.4.1 - 15/11/12
  • Now the player preloaded songs in buffer and starts as soon as ready (for slow network file)
  • Added commands from bluetooth or headphones to control the music player
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 1.4.0 - 12/11/12
  • Updated interface for selecting files to add to the playlist
  • Restructured the layout of the music player and settings
  • Added option to hide the controls in the music player
  • Added option to decide how large to make the playlist in horizontal
  • Added option to set the zoom factor of controls and the text of the playlist in the music player
  • Now the player, after trying unsuccessfully in the ID3 Tags, set cover if there is an image in the folder of the song which is called as the song or "album", "albumart", "cover", "coverart" with png, jpg, jpeg (Eg: albumart.png)
  • Added option to stop the player at the end of each song and at the end of the playlist if it is not active shuffle
  • Added option to set the minimum seconds of listening to a song, this affects the command to go back one piece
  • Now if there are no songs heard earlier you can go back one track at a time
  • Added ability to change the text of the cover you are looking for
  • Improved search covers of songs both manual and automatic
  • Improved loading covers in widgets that sometimes did not update for issues related to older versions of Android
  • Enabled hardware acceleration to solve problems with animations
  • Now the reader and 'much more' stable during use
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 1.3.7 - 11/08/12
  • Fixed a bug that filled the RAM to load the covers and never released the resulting crash
  • Added the possibility of move songs via the context menu of the playlist (you must first choose the song you want to move and then reopen the menu on the other track on which you want to move that you chose earlier)
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 1.3.6 - 07/07/12
  • Correction of a bug when the cover was discharged from a site unreachable or incorrect

Version 1.3.5 - 05/07/12
  • Added the ability to search lyrics in the menu of the song
  • Improved research and data of the covers of the song
  • Now you can hide/display also controls the music player with the new button under the cover
  • Changed display of covers from the search list on the grid and holding long on the thumbnail opens the image online
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 1.3.0 - 04/07/12
  • Adding to the song menu the manual selection of the cover downloaded from the internet (not saved in the MP3 tags)
  • Changed the search engine covers from Bing to Google
  • Removed block of numbers of songs on the playlist
  • Added to the song menu the properties
  • Added the menu of the song by pressing and holding the title of the song on the cover
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 1.2.1 - 17/04/12
  • Added a new option to discard the folder containing the file ".nomedia" by adding songs
  • Improved the randomness of the choice of songs
  • Fixed an error that does not pause the player when there are calls in progress and had been chosen in the settings
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 1.2.0 - 25/01/12
  • Changed in PRO version to FREE and available all the features of the program, the only limitation is the Advertisements and the maximum number of songs in playlists set to 30
  • Changed and improved the covers load
  • Added ability to delete a song from memory from the context menu
  • Added new Oscilloscope types colored
  • Now Scan Internal Memory/SD Card not add duplicate songs if are in playlist
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 1.1.0 - 14/01/12
  • Added the ability to set the background of the player with various options
  • Added the ability to see whether or not the covers with various options
  • Little graphic restyling to Music Player layout
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 1.0.0 - 07/01/12
  • Added menu on long tap over song in playlist
  • Added in song menu the command "Remove songs from same folder"
  • Added in song menu the command to search song in YouTube
  • Added in song menu the command to enqueue songs
  • Added command in bottom menu to remove queue songs
  • Correct some problems with Remove and Sort commands
  • Now is possible to open songs from an explorer files and add it to playlist directly
  • Resolved an issue with popup dialogs in Andorid 4.0
  • Added Fullscreen option in Settings
  • Added Headset button to Play/Pause music
  • Now the service to play music work always in background
  • Fixed some bugs

Version - 23/11/11
  • Added Spanish localization (Thanks to Ivan)
  • Fixed some bugs

Version - 16/11/11
  • Fixes and improvements to the method of donation and activation of the PRO version.
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 0.9.9 - 13/11/11
  • Changed the method of activation of the PRO version. First we need to "Donate" and then after receiving my activation email "Activate" the program. All users who have already the PRO version will already enabled, it will be enough if tap to "Activate"
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 0.9.8 - 11/11/11
  • Added new messages if there are problems of activation
  • Added option to display the data in the debug info to tell if there are problems
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 0.9.7 - 10/11/11
  • Added more audio formats. And now you can listen MP3, WAV, OGG, MID, MP4, M4A, 3GP, FLAC, AAC and WMA. (FLAC , AAC and WMA only for Android 3.1 or higher)
  • Added option to be left on the screen while playing music
  • Added option to set the screen orientation (Auto, Landscape, Portrait)
  • Limited to 100 the number of songs in the playlist for the free version, the PRO version has no limits
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 0.9.5 - 07/11/11
  • Added the option to show/hide animations
  • Added animations when change song
  • Added option to pause a song when receive a call and when unplug the headphones
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 0.9.1 - 06/11/11
  • Added the option to show/hide the text "Unknown artist"
  • Fixed some errors with devices less than Android 2.3
  • Moved to the status of the notification and put "in progress"
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 0.9.0 - 05/11/11
  • Added the ability to turn off notifications in the status bar at the songs
  • Added the Equalizer (Beta) can only be used by Android 2.3 onwards and available only for the PRO version
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 0.8.5 - 29/10/11
  • Adding to the portrait mode
  • Improved general functionality
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 0.8.3 - 24/10/11
  • Changed name of app
  • Added Scan Internal Memory if exist
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 0.8.2 - 23/10/11
  • Some memory improvements
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 0.8.1 - 22/10/11
  • Now the player works on mobile (BETA)
  • Added the charging icon when searching online copertna
  • Added option to display the popup when you start a song
  • Added option to display or hide the time of the songs in the playlist
  • Changed the appearance settings for tablets
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 0.7.5 - 16/10/11
  • Added option for online automatic search of the covers (Beta) (PRO version only)
  • Added option to use file names instead of ID3 Tags
  • Added the ability to load other playlist formats (plc, pls, m3u)
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 0.7.1 - 10/10/11
  • Added PRO version activation through the lock at the top bar
  • The Widgets 2x2, 4x2 and 4x4 works only for PRO version
  • Added oscilloscope feature for PRO version with some types in settings
  • Added notification status with player commands (Prev, Next and Pause)
  • Added loading songs via SD memory scanning in the "+" menu
  • Better use of memory
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 0.6.0 - 18/09/11
  • Moved and redesigned the button at the top to hide the playlist
  • Added the widgets of various sizes
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 0.5.0 Beta - 07/09/11

  • First version of the program
  • Languages: Italian and English
  • Ability to manage a playlist of songs (add, delete, save, sort and search for songs)
  • Ability to hide the playlist side
  • Use the music player with simple gestures: swiping your finger left or right you change the song, by tapping 2 times you start or pause, sliding your finger up or down varies the volume
  • The player continues to play well off-screen with less power consumption
  • The program reads the ID3 tag information of mp3 files, even the covers incorporated
  • Tapping with the finger on the second run that it will change to negative and vice versa.
  • Many features will be implemented in future versions but only the best will be unlocked for purchase through the Pro version with In-App Purchase



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