Matrix Code

Matrix Code is a entertainment program to invade your desktop with Matrix scrolling lines.

TO ALL: I added the Ads in bottom screen to not pay the application to all users.


Version 1.7.0 - 09/06/10
  • Added colors of code and fixed some bugs
  • Readded new AdMob less invasive
  • Removed AdMob from program, now it's completely free
  • Now you can TOUCH THE MATRIX, touch the screen to move the Matrix code
  • Increased the speed of animations effects
  • Added new glow effect to text
  • Added start text effects
  • Added music/sounds effects
  • Added vibration at start and at end
  • Added debug mode to view Frame per seconds
  • Added option to show/hide desktop
  • Added 2 type of rain scrolling effect
  • NOW it's free of charge and anyone can download it



Matrix Code 1.2.0


Use Android Market to download my program or use Barcode Scanner or similar program with your mobile device

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Thanks to all for appreciations and donations!
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