Movies Collection

Movies Collection is a program to manage your movies library on Windows XP/Vista/Seven na di think it'll work on tablet very good for the special feature of sliding covers.
You go into settings and in top bar and choose the folder of your movies and the program scan it for show you the sliding wall.
There are a lot of settings to change the view style of the program, use your imagination and change it.
Only requirements is Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and to install the program extract it from zip in any directory.

Last update

Version 1.0.1 - 26/12/10
  • This is the first public version of this program
  • You can search for text or others parameters
  • You can search covers images and fanarts on Google Images and set on each movie
  • All options are in settings in the top bar



Last Version

Movies Collection 1.0.1 (3,90 Mb) - DOWNLOAD (411 times)

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Work in progress

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