Where is...

"Where is..." is a new GPS program for Windows Mobile 5/6 completely writed in .NET.
It give you a free perception of distance and direction from your destination without any connection with internet or a expansive program of navigation.

This is in development program and can help you in some situations, when you want know where is your car in a new places that you dont know and you dont rememebre where you have parking it (this is my case), or during sea navigation or others.

If you have problem send me your log file and i look if i can do anything.
Important: If you use Google Maps or Search Destination the program connect to internet for do this.

Read more info and discussions on XDA Forum at the latest thread about Where is....
For any support go to XDA Forum.

Install / Uninstall

To Install click on cab file and start "Where is" in Windows program folder
To Uninstall go to Windows Mobile Settings and Remove programs.

Last update

Version 1.0.0 - 08/07/2009

  • Fix some bugs, now destination arrow is correct
  • Added other sensitive buttons on screen, 1 for open recents destinations, 1 for search destinations on top screen
  • Add optional sound configurable in settings, "Arrive.wav" in program folder that play when you arrive to destination
  • Add buttons on Google Maps to refresh map, change type map, Zoom in and Zoom Out
  • Now if you click on "Actual Position" word you can save it in Recents


Version 0.9.0 - 27/06/2009

  • Correct some bugs
  • Now the GPS Connection is more stable
  • Add Baud Rate in settings (Default 4800)
  • Add Screen shutdown option in settings to use windows settings shut down screen to drain less energy
  • Added touch functions to show ever your actual position in various string type by tapping on center screen

Version 0.8.0 - 23/06/2009

  • New graphics UI and some updates
  • Added Destinations search, you can search everything, Coordinates or Road with address
  • More animations in Compass and Direction views
  • Added cardinals point in Direction view when set destination (view images)
  • Added satellites view with info about signal
  • Added icons for quicly access to GMaps, Satellites(when done), GPS Com data and Settings

Version 0.6.0 - 17/06/2009

  • All resolution video are supported now, i test it on emulator
  • Added log file created in the folder of program, you can activate it in Settings page
  • Now you can view the GPS COM data information and store it in the log file, if you have problems you can post in XDA forum the log and i check it
  • Added the Google Maps for actual position and for destination
  • Edit the bottom menu and deleted the bottom bar with status
  • Added icons for quicly access to GMaps, Satellites(when done), GPS Com data and Settings
  • You can change graphics in gfx folder in the directory of program

Version 0.5.2 - 10/06/2009

  • Correct Resolution problem with all resolutions (I hope)
  • Correct calculation of position strings
  • Some bug fixed

Version 0.5.1 - 10/06/2009

  • Registry bug fixed

Version 0.5.0 - 09/06/2009
This is first public version of this software.

  • Settings to change Port, Distance Unit, Speed Unit and Time interval of refresh screen
  • At start the program set screen lock disable to remain active during the use, when you close program or minimize it all return normal and screen lock return to back settings
  • You can save the actual position to recents to track distance to destination
  • Compass function work correctly only if you go in any direction, if you not move the compass show last direction
  • Click on little compass show full screen compass
  • When there isn't GPS signal the central arrow become gray

(Need Flash - Get Flash here.)


Last Version

Where is... v.1.0.0 (652 Kb) - DOWNLOAD (582 times)

Old Versions

Where is... v.0.9.0 (374 Kb) - DOWNLOAD (466 times)
Where is... v.0.8.0 (373 Kb) - DOWNLOAD (441 times)
Where is... v.0.6.0 (266 Kb) - DOWNLOAD (450 times)
Where is... v.0.5.2 (269 Kb) - DOWNLOAD (435 times)
Where is... v.0.5.1 (269 Kb) - DOWNLOAD (446 times)
Where is... v.0.5.0 (268 Kb) - DOWNLOAD (446 times)

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